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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Silent Era/1930's Era Final Match is set





When my version of March Madness (Classic Movie Actress Style) kicked off this week with 16 wonderful leading ladies, I had no idea who would make it to the final match. And whoever wins this match grabs the first of four spots in the Classic Movie Actress Final Four. Well 10th seed Irene Dunne who just beat 6th seed Claudette Colbert 64-36 will square off against my girl,  4th seed Carole Lombard, who defeated 9th seed Myrna Loy 59-41. It would be awesome if Carole could reach the Final Four but it won't be easy. Let me tell everyone of the past history between these two talented women. Well the history here on my blogs. Specifically my sister blog, Screwball Cinema. A few months ago I asked the question in a poll, who is your favorite leading lady of screwball comedies. Among the many actresses vying for that honor was Irene Dunne and Carole Lombard. Ironically Myrna Loy was in the mix as well. After receiving a huge voter response, Dunne won the poll with 35% of the vote. Carole was second with 25%. Here's the link to that post if anyone would like to see the total results:

So I'm more than a little worried about this match between Carole and Irene. It should be a very thrilling contest no matter who wins. I will have the poll open at 8am Sunday morning and will run through Monday evening at 6pm. Cutting it a little short because the next round featuring the 1940's Era of actresses will begin that same day. So everyone please come here to vote as quickly as you can. Whoever wins punches their ticket to the Final Four. So let's get ready to rumble.


Renata said...

my favorite girls!
I hope Irene wins, though =)

Patti said...

As a classic movie addict, I really like both Irene and Carole (and Penny Serenade is about my 4th favorite movie of all time, and I LOVE Irene there!!) However,I AM a bit disappointed that Myrna and Claudette didn't make it further. Are you quite sure you didn't rig this, Monty? (Just kidding, of course!!)

Can't wait for round 2!!! This one will feature my #1 actress...the amazing Bette Davis.

Frl. Irene Palfy said...

mhm.. something's wrong with Miss Lomard's poll..

Frl. Irene Palfy said...

gosh - I mean Miss LOMBARD's poll.. *sigh*


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