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Monday, December 31, 2012

HIS GIRL FRIDAY wins the favorite screwball film tourney...which makes me very happy

Take a look Hildy...we kidding!

The Favorite Screwball Film tourney came to an end yesterday and my favorite film of all time, His Girl Friday won it all. As a number two seed, Friday had to overcome a slew of top films including three number one seeds in It Happened One Night, My Man Godfrey and Bringing Up Baby. Now call me crazy but that is just impressive as all get out. Friday edged out Baby by the count of 16-13, so it was close but nevertheless a victory for the fastest talking comedy ever filmed. And my personal favorite to boot. So I am quite content today. I would like to thank all those that voted to make this tourney a huge success. By the way, the 2013 Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tourney gets underway March 3rd!

1 comment:

Sofia said...

it is incredibly fast, the first time watched His Girl Friday I didn't understand a thing! I'm glad it won, though Bringing Up Baby would be fine too!


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