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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Joan Crawford pulls off an upset of top seed Barbara Stanwyck 81-74

Joan thanking all her fans who supported her in a big way
with her win over Barbara Stanwyck
This year's tourney has produced a fair amount of upsets...Gene Tierney knocking off Vivien Leigh, Katharine Hepburn losing to Olivia de Havilland and Lauren Bacall defeating Ingrid Bergman. Well add another name to that list as top seed Barbara Stanwyck of the Tough Broads and Pre-Code Babes in the 30's era falls to 3rd seed Joan Crawford in another titanic battle 81-74. A total of 155 votes was rung up, the second most in the tourney so far..only Carole Lombard and Jean Arthur tallied more with 158. This match saw Joan down several times only to repeatedly come back to pull close to Barbara. And then in the waning hours actually pull ahead. The Crawford fans showed up late, but show up they did as Joan now advances to round four. Which is impressive, considering last year she didn't even make it past the first round. Talk about turnaround. Thanks to everyone who voted to make this one of the best matches in the tourney so far.



Rachel said...

Oh, now I know how the Vivien Leigh fans felt. *puts on her Phyllis Dietrichson sunglasses and heads off to take it out on the nearest insurance salesman*

Patti said...

I like Joan, but I LOVE Barbara...SO disappointed she's out of the tourney now.

In fact, many of my faves are gone...only Bette, Gene, Myrna, and Grace remain out of my top 10.


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