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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Marquee Matchup in the 50's Era: Audrey Hepburn vs Deborah Kerr

Just wanted to spotlight what is to be one of the most high profile matches in the tourney so far. In the 50's era being held on Noir & Chick Flicks, for the second round, we will have 2nd seed Audrey Hepburn taking on 3rd seed Deborah Kerr in the sophisticates bracket. My, oh my. It doesn't get any better than this. I know plenty of Audrey fans, and plenty of Deborah fans, so I think this will be a nail biter. Both actresses romped to an easy victory in their first round matches, but now must face each other. Tourney history has not been kind to Kerr. Last year she lost her first round match to a spunky Debbie Reynolds. Audrey had much better success, as she made it to the 50's era final, only to lose to eventual final four finalist Grace Kelly. And whoever wins this match most likely will have to face Grace again, provided Grace beats Sophia Loren. So I'm expecting a donnybrook of a match between Audrey and Deborah. Match begins tomorrow morning and will run thru Wednesday night. Here's the link to go vote: noir and chick flicks

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