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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Top 5 Countries who have visited my blog....

Just started thinking about how blogs connect people from all over the world. It's cool when someone leaves a comment on a post and you find out they hail from another part of the world. And the neat thing about Blogger is that they track all that stuff for you. So I didn't have to do anything but go to my stats page to see where my visitors are coming from. So here are the top 5 countries by number...of page views through today. And Kim Novak to get us started on our travels.

Nice to see ya Kim!

5.) AUSTRALIA - 6,589

4.) CANADA - 11, 084

3.) GERMANY - 12, 841

2.) UNITED KINGDOM - 20, 141

1.) UNITED STATES - 135, 654

As you can see, my home country is leading the way with over 135,00 page views which is understandable. But for the four countries following it, there is a nice mix of different nationalities. With the UK being ahead of the other notable countries by a nice little margin. I just want to thank everyone who stops by to check out my blog, wherever they may live. It's awesome!


Patti said...

I have never checked the stats on my blog. Really, I didn't even know Blogger tracked that kind of information.

I love how the web makes this great big world just a little bit smaller and how it enables us to connect with people we will probably never meet face-to-face.

Renata said...

that's cool, Monty!!!! I read your blog from Mexico =)

Irene Palfy said...

Interesting that one country of those actually hasn't English as a first language.. Well - I can assure you that your blog is visited on a daily basis from Germany.. ;")

Dawn said...

I think that is Awesome.. I love it!!


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