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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Barbara Stanwyck sets a record for most votes in a single match...

The results of Round One (Part One) of The Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tournament are in. Silent Era/1930s Bracket standings are as follows:

"They Had Faces"

#1.Greta Garbo def. #8.Anna May Wong, 79-13
#2.Mary Pickford def. #7.Janet Gaynor, 47-45

#6.Gloria Swanson def. #3.Lillian Gish, 53-40
#4.Clara Bow def. #5.Louise Brooks, 50-43

"Tough Broads and Pre-Code Babes"

#1.Barbara Stanwyck def. #8.Miriam Hopkins, 82-16
#2.Marlene Dietrich def. #7.Elsa Lanchester, 70-27
#3.Joan Crawford def. #6.Norma Shearer, 53-43
#4.Claudette Colbert def. #5.Mary Astor, 73-25

Beat Miriam in the first round....check!

Scoring was at a premium over at the silent/30's era bracket held at Mythical Monkey as some
big numbers were posted during the first round. Barbara Stanwyck set a record with 82 votes received as she throttled Miriam Hopkins 82-16. The all time record of total votes is one match is still held by the fantastic match between Irene Dunne and Carole Lombard from last year. The two combined for 101 votes. But that record should soon fall too.

A great match took place with Mary Pickford finally overcoming Janet Gaynor 47-45. It was an exciting match from the very first few minutes and it was a beaut to see unfold. Another close match involved Clara Bow and Louise Brooks. Bow pulled away from Brooks 50-43 in the closing hours.

All in all it was an exciting first round with only one top seed losing. Lillian Gish, who was seeded 3rd lost to 6th Gloria Swanson 53-40. Oh and much love to Joan Crawford who take care of rival Norma Shearer 53-43, even though Norma made a valiant comeback that came up just short.

Uh-oh..Carole's got that crazy look in her's on!

The second part of the first round featuring funny ladies and singers/dancers is now underway. I am most interested in this bracket as my girl Carole Lombard is featured. As is defending champion Irene Dunne. Here's the link to go cast your votes: mythicalmonkey

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