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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Some very exciting matches going on

Every era has at least one close match taking place. And some are quite surprising. Here are the latest scores.
Joan Crawford is living large right now...

In the silent/30's era, Joan Crawford leads Marlene Dietrich 57-44. The other three matches in this era are all blow-outs. But Crawford is taking it to Dietrich, as she seeks to advance to round 3. And remember, Joan was bounced from the first round last year by Barbara Stanwyck. She is doing much better this year.

Over in the 40's era, it's pandemonium over there. Top seed Vivien Leigh is trailing Gene Tierney by the margin 34-28. My oh my. A strong showing by Gene considering the fact Leigh was in the final match last year before losing to eventual champion Irene Dunne. And Olivia de Havilland  is leading 2nd seed Katharine Hepburn 34-31. My goodness!
Seems Deborah is a little on edge as she trails Audrey

Over in the 50's era, Audrey Hepburn and Deborah Kerr are engaged in one hell of a tussle with Hepburn currently leading 43-34. I kind of figured this match would be an exciting one.

Susannah ponders a little while competing in the tourney

And here in the 60's era, one top seed Julie Christie is currently losing to upstart Susannah York 27-25. Catherine Deneuve has a six point edge over Lee Remick 30-24. And Anne Bancroft is leading 2nd seed Faye Dunaway 31-25.

Just some terrific matches going on. And they will continue on through tomorrow night!

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