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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Morning Movie: Only Two Can Play (1962)

I  usually catch a movie on TCM before leaving for work. This morning they was playing the 1962 film Only Two Can Play, which I had never seen before. It was pretty good. With Peter Sellers as a Welsh librarian who falls into a rut with his job and marriage. He meets the married Liz (played by Mai Zetterling) and the two embark on an affair. While Zetterling is the top billed female star, the real standout is Virginia Maskell, who plays Jean (Sellers wife). She gives a terrific performance. And sad to find out her career was short-lived as she committed suicide in 1968. Anyway, I liked Only Two Can Play. Well what I saw of it. I missed like the first 45 minutes or so.


sexta-feira said...

I catch up on the latest episodes of my favorite series before I go to work and I think it's awesome that you start your day with classic movies! This one sounds very interesting!

monty said...'s always cool to start your day by watching your faves!

Dawn said...

Mornings, is when I watch my classic movies too.


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