CAROLE LOMBARD - My Favorite Actress

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Marquee Match Spotlight: Carole Lombard vs Joan Crawford

Well my favorite actress Carole Lombard has made it to the sweet 16 round and I am so excited. Her last two matches have been very tough. Her 2 point win over Jean Arthur was a nail biter while her match with Myrna Loy was very exciting but also stressful. She won't get a break either with her upcoming match with the ever resilient Joan Crawford, who has been knocking out some heavyweights of her own including Norma Shearer and Barbara Stanwyck. Don't know if any of you know about the shared history between Joan and Carole. Back in the day they used to compete in dance contests at the Cocoanut Grove. So this is sort of a rematch that should be fun to see unfold. The match begins tonight and will run through Thursday. Good luck to both women. Here's the link to the site over at Mythical Monkey, where this match is being held. mythicalmonkey


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