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Saturday, March 19, 2011

A New Blog Everyone Should Be Following: Elisa's Classic Films

I have been following a new blog called Elisa's Classic Films and just wanted to let everyone in on it. It's written by Elisa, who started it this past January.  Here is a description of this wonderful new blog by Elisa herself:

This blog is mainly postings of my reviews, also film clips, images and montages I like to share about classic films that I love, hate and so on. I'm not a writer by any means (I'm not really good at it) but when I love a film I'll either say "It's great", "I like it", "I didn't care for it" in so many words, I'm not creative so don't expect it.

And Jimmy Stewart is her all time favorite.So check out Elisa's new blog when you get a chance. It's a fantastic new experience. Here is the link:


Clara said...

Following! I think that we, that have blogs for longer time, should showcase newbies more often. It's always difficult when you start writing a blog to get readers and it's very disappointing when you write for nobody for months. So, to sum up, thanks for the link :)

PS-- Grace Kelly is beating Audrey right now...oh my.

Frl. Irene Palfy said...

Following, too! ;")

Dawn said...

I will also be checking her new blog out.


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