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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My man Cary Grant is rolling in the Final Four...

Cary Grant is roughing up the other top seed Paul Newman 34-7 in a blow-out match that

Has Mr. Grant on cruise control. I thought this would have been Cary’s toughest match but
Nah…it ain’t even close. But the other semi-final match involving the two Bills: Holden and
Powell is going down to the wire. Powell currently clings to a 21-19 lead. There is one more
Full day of voting, so if you haven’t casted a vote yet, please do so. Once we have our
Winners from these two matches, the championship final will begin Thursday and run
Through Sunday evening.


Kalli said...

Yes, Cary Grant is my favorite!!!

Patti said...

Looks to me like Cary's got the tournament in the bag. No matter which of the Bills wins (and you know I hope it's my #1 guy Holden), they won't have won commandingly, so I can't imagine them having the ability to top Cary.


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