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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Now It's A Party...Congratulations to Cary Grant...

By now everyone knows that Cary Grant won my recent classic movie actor tournament and quite convincingly I might add. And I think everyone knows he is my favorite actor of all time, so it was a great feeling to see him win. This coming on the heels of Irene Dunne winning the women's tournament back in April. And while Carole Lombard is my favorite actress of all time, Irene is my second favorite. And Irene and Cary are my favorite screen team, so that all worked out pretty good for me. So I was thinking about having this little party to celebrate Cary's and Irene victories by posting videos, photos and whatever else I can think of.  I will kick things off with a fictional interview with Cary to see how he would have responded after winning the tournament....we shall join the interview already in progress...

Monty: So Cary, how does it feel to win the favorite classic movie actor tournament here on All Good Things.
Cary: Pretty good Monty. You know I followed your womens tournament and enjoyed it so much, I was hoping you was going to have one for us men as well. Glad you did.
Monty: Well it was a lot of fun doing it. I'm so thrilled that you won since you are my favorite actor. But I bet you are a lot of people's favorite as well. Judging by how you just rolled through your competition.
Cary: I'm a little surprised by that too. There were so many great actors out there I just thought whoever wins this thing, will have beat some of the top guys in Hollywood.
Monty: Well it turned out to be you Cary and save for the close match with Jimmy Stewart, there was never any doubt. Did you do any celebrating?
Cary: A little, nothing fancy or big. A few friends came over, had a few drinks. Someone brought in this huge cake.
Monty: Sweet! By chance did you talk to Irene?
Cary: She did call and congratulated me for winning, but couldn't make it by to my home.
Monty: Irene is awesome isn't she?
Cary: Yes she is. A great egg. I wished we had worked more together than just the three films we did.

Monty: me too. Well Cary I do have one surprise for you before we get out of here...
Cary: Oh I love Surprises!
Monty: Then turn around...

A slight pause and in walks Ms. Irene Dunne..
Cary: Oh my goodness. IRENE!
Irene: Hi Cary.
The two hug and then sit down beside each other.

Cary: What are you doing here?
Irene: Well Monty called and said he was having you over to celebrate your victory and asked if I would like to come too. I couldn't say no to that. And besides Monty's All Good Things is an awesome place to hang out at.
Monty: Awww, thanks Irene.
Cary: Yeah this is a pretty sweet deal you have here Monty. Been doing it long?
Monty: About 2 years now Cary. And I love every minute of it. So Irene, what do you think of Cary winning the tourney?
Irene: I'm over the moon Monty. Just beside myself. But I knew he could do it. There is just something about this man that others don't have.
Cary: Come on Irene...don't overpraise me. Remember I'm just Archie Leach.
Monty: You're more than that Cary. You're just awesome. And I hope you stick around for the rest as I will be putting together this little celebration in you and Irene's honor. If you don't mind.
Cary: Oh go right ahead Monty. I can't wait.
Irene: Monty, you didn't tell me you was going to be doing all of this. And here I am in this old rag of a dress.
Monty: You look great Irene. Wouldn't you agree Cary?
Cary: Yes indeed. You look stunning Irene.
Monty: So you guys sit back and just enjoy the rest of the evening's festivities. And thank you both for coming by.
Cary: Glad to be here my good man.
Irene: Yay! Party time!

From their first movie together The AWFUL TRUTH (1937)

Their second film together MY FAVORITE WIFE (1940) which is my favorite of the films they did

And their final film together PENNY SERENADE (1941)

Before we start in comes by great friend Irene Palfy...
Irene Dunne: Who is this Monty?
Monty: Oh it's my friend Irene. She is here to help with the party.
Cary: Nice to meet you Irene. Any friend of Monty is a friend of mine.
Irene Dunne: And I must say my dear you look wonderful.
Irene: Thank you Ms. Dunne.
Irene Dunne: Please call me Irene. No formalities here.
Irene: Ok Ms. Dunne, I mean Irene. Can I get you or Cary anything?
Irene Dunne: We're fine for now.
Irene: Well I need to go finish up things for the party. See you guys in a minute.
Cary: Don't work too hard. After all this is a party.

Irene walks away laughing.
Cary: Great girl Monty. Been friends long?
Monty: About a year now. We write on each blogs and help each other when we can.
Irene Dunne: That's great.


As you can see plenty more of Cary's films are on hand..

Then guests start arriving like Renata, Mythical Monkey, Audrey, FlickChick, Emily, Dawn, Becky, and others.
Renata is just overjoyed to meet Ms. Dunne...
Renata: It's a pleasure to meet you. Im like one of your biggest fans. I even have a nickname for you.
Irene: Really? May I ask what that might be?
Renata: I call you Dunnie.
Irene: I love it. Please call me Dunnie the rest of the night.
Renata: You are so awesome!

And finally one more video tribute to the man of the hour...

As the party winds down, friends gather to say good-bye to the two stars and Renata starts hugging on Irene Dunne and gets very emotional. Ms. Dunne says I'm sure this won't be the last time Monty has a party like you will be seeing me around. Cary thanks everyone for coming and gives a little wave and him and Irene grab each other and kind of dance backward towards the door, like what he did with Shirley Temple in The Bachelor and The Bobby-Soxer.

And with that the party is over. Hope everyone enjoyed it and we will do this again soon.


Irene Palfy said...


That is amazing!

LOVE IT!! And I want to do that again!! Just marvellous, Monty!! Really, really incredibly wonderful!

Gosh, did I enjoy this!

Dawn said...

Thank you for inviting me. It was a wonderful party.

Mythical Monkey said...

By the way, I was the guy elbowing everybody out of the way to get to the buffet table ...

Sally said...

That was so much fun! Great party!!

And I really love that scene from The Awful Truth. I think it may be my favorite scene in the movie. So funny!!

Renata said...

Aaaa Monty, you made me laugh so much haha you knew exactly how I would react if I met Irene!! hahaha and well, just a little trivia here, Dunnie is not MY nickname for Irene, her friends from school used to call her that so I just took it from there ;) but it sounds lovely, doesn't it? wow, what a great party, you're indeed a great host, Monty, you and Irene. Thanks for this!!


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