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Sunday, July 22, 2012


For next month, I am doing another new series. This one will be called 31 Stars in 31 Days, in homage to TCM's Summer Under The Stars. I will choose one star a day and watch one of their respective films. If the star falls on a weekend I will watch more than one as I will be off work and hopefully have more time. I will also list some facts and post some photos of said star for that particular day. So Joan Blondell, who was the scheduled goddess for the month will now be rescheduled for January of next year. Sorry Joan. But I wanted to try this series and if it works, it will become a yearly event. I will have the list of the chosen stars and list of films by the end of this month. Also next month I will induct two more people into my Hall Of Fame. And try to get my next year of the Monties done as well. The year is 1947. My guest for the month will be my good friend and co-worker Debbie if she has the time. She recently left the place I work at to start a new job. So I more than understand if she is a little busy. Regardless August poses to be one of my biggest months. Please drop by to visit for a bit if you can.  And as you can tell my the photo to the left, one of the chosen will be none other than the legendary Bette Davis!


Patti said...

Monty, you are one of the most creative and imaginative bloggers I know. You are always doing wonderful things here. I will look forward to your new series for sure!

Kristen said...

Yay, so excited. Kind of jealous I didn't think of this first although I'm going back to school in August and you'll definitely give those 31 stars the tributes they deserve! Hope to see Natalie Wood and/or Veronica Lake on there!

Dawn said...

I know that you will have a blast working on this months series.


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