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Thursday, July 26, 2012

31 Stars in 31 Days Schedule

As I stated in an earlier post, my theme next month will be 31 stars in 31 days. Something akin to TCM's Summer Under the Stars. I have chosen 31 stars and plan to watch at least one film representing that person. The lucky 8 stars who fall on a week-end will have several films watched by me. I will also post some pics and comments about the star for that particular day. Here is my list of stars for next month. I don't have an idea what films I will watch yet and probably won't until the day of. Please stop by to see if I am watching and talking about some of your favorite stars as well.

Wed August 1st - CARY GRANT
Thurs August 2nd - AVA GARDNER
Fri August 3rd - ERROL FLYNN
Sat August 4th - FRANK SINATRA
Sun August 5th - MARILYN MONROE
Mon August 6th - JACK CARSON
Tue August 7th - GRACE KELLY
Wed August 8th - CLARK GABLE
Thurs August 9th - JAMES STEWART
Fri August 10th - DEAN MARTIN
Sat August 11th - BETTE DAVIS
Sun August 12th - SIDNEY POITIER
Mon August 13th - HUMPHREY BOGART
Tue August 14th - WILLIAM HOLDEN
Wed August 15th - JEAN ARTHUR
Thurs August 16th - VIVIEN LEIGH
Fri August 17th - TONY CURTIS
Sat August 18th - JACK LEMMON
Sun August 19th - NATALIE WOOD
Mon August 20th - FRED ASTAIRE
Tue August 21st - JEAN HARLOW
Thurs August 23rd - JANE FONDA
Fri August 24th - ROSALIND RUSSELL
Sat August 25th - GINGER ROGERS
Sun August 26th - ELIZABETH TAYLOR
Mon August 27th - GENE KELLY

Tue August 28th - ANN SHERIDAN
Wed August 29th - JOEL MCCREA
Thurs August 30th - ROMY SCHNEIDER
Fri August 31st - CAROLE LOMBARD


Irene Palfy said...

Just awesome, Monty! What a giant poject!! Really, really amazing!!

VP81955 said...

Saving the best for last, I see :)

Enjoy the project!

Patti said...

Looks like a great line-up, Monty. I know I am going to have problems with watching films in August...unless I choose to watch on my laptop. My family has already told me I lose the TV because of The Olympics.

I will look forward to seeing which movies you choose; after all, I love many of the stars you will be focusing on.

Marcela Costa :} said...

Enjoy it! I wish I had time to join in!

RobinfromCA said...

In between watching the Olympics and my Giants baseball I think I must, at least, fit in Cary, Grace, Gene, Dino, and Bill Holden! Maybe a little Fred & Ginger, Jimmy Stewart and something with Tony Curtis.

Kristen said...

Great idea! Can't wait to come back and learn about a star, new or old. My Netflix queue will probably be even longer after this month!

Dawn said...

Great line up.. I will be back to read more..


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