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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cinematic World Tour: BARCELONA (1994)

Next stop on our cinematic world tour...Barcelona. One of my favorite modern films set in gorgeous Barcelona where the views are just spectacular. The story centers on cousins who are so very different trying to meet the women of their dreams. Ted (played by Taylor Nichols) is a salesman who works in the Barcelona office for a U.S. corporation. He's a little uptight and stuffy. His cousin Fred, a Naval officer (played by Chris Eigeman) comes to visit him and is a lot more loose. And he takes it upon himself to find Ted a suitable mate, which leads to some outrageous situations. Especially since Fred likes to tell every woman they come across that his cousin is into the Marquis de Sade and wearing leather underwear, the kind that is very, very tight. You should see the reaction the women have when he tells them that. Their eyes get very wide and immediately go downward. One of the girls is played by Mira Sorvino, probably the most known person in this entire film who plays sexually charged Marta. She hooks up with Fred. While Ted meets the girl of his dreams in the form of.the lovely and the wonderfully named Montserrat Raventos (played by Tushka Bergen), a free spirited Spaniard who dreams of moving to America. 

Ted, Montserrat, Fred and Marta having drinks

So the pair embark on a whirlwind romance with some ups and downs all played out in the scenic city of Barcelona. I mean really...this place is gorgeous. I envy the people who live there. I would love to go for a visit there sometime. Now this film is very engaging as the characters discuss and debate relationships, politics, family,...pretty much everything. In the capable hands of director Whit Stillman, it never bogs down though. The characters are all interesting and having it set in Barcelona is a major plus. So if you have never seen this wonderful film, please track it down and watch it. You won't be disappointed. It is highly recommended.

The women of Barcelona...enough said!

Tour guides getting ready for a busy day

The vehicles of Barcelona

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Irene Palfy said...

Oh - Never heard of that one before! Will sure check it out when I have the chance.. Thank you for this recommendation, Monty! :")


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