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Monday, November 12, 2012

A Slight Delay...

I was supposed to start the week 2 matches of my Lombard Cup last night but the site I use, Poll Daddy, which is awesome, only allows 200 responses per month at no charge. Anymore than that and you have to pay for their services. And everyone knows Blogger's features are kind of iffy. I ran into a problem with them with my Hitchcock actress tourney as it quit taking votes. So I have two options, wait until next month and do the next five matches scheduled for this week or try again with Blogger. I'm going to go with Blogger one more time and if technical issues arise, then I will have to stop it and postpone the Lombard Cup until next month. So we'll see how it goes. The matches are on the right hand sidebar. Good luck to all the actors involved and thank you everyone for your patience.
Hopefully things will go smoothly and not like this..


Patti said...

I had no idea Poll Daddy was like that, but then since I have never done a poll on my blog, I guess I would have no reason to know.

I do hope things run smoothly with Blogger and that the remainder of the Lombard Cup will be able to play out as scheduled.

As always, it's Team Classic all the way for me, but when I put in my votes, they were down in 3 of the matches. Of course, it's early yet, but I'm thinking Team Modern is going to be very visible this time around.

Anonymous said...

Hope everything goes alright.


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