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Friday, November 9, 2012

Lombard Cup Week Two Matches (Breakdowns)

Here we go with the second week of Lombard Cup action, pitting classic era actors against their modern counterparts. Team Classic leads 4-1 after a dominating first week of play. Let's see if the modern guys can do better this week.

Match 6: John Wayne vs Robert Downey, Jr.
The Duke squares off against RDJ in a match that is kind of hard to call. Yes, Wayne is a legend and an American icon who blazed through in some of the most memorable westerns and military films of all time. But Downey Jr has been never been hotter over the past few years thanks to the blockbuster film series Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes. Now before you dismiss Downey has such another blockbuster star with minimal acting prowess, just remember he did a pretty good job of playing Charlie Chaplin in the biopic Chaplin back in the 90's. I may get scoffed at by classic movie fans but I am calling for an upset with this one. RDJ for the win. If nothing else at least a tie. More than likely Wayne will win this one but hey that's why you play the game.

Match 7: Humphrey Bogart vs Al Pacino
Now this is a really tough match to choose from. In one corner you have the iconic Bogart, who is regarded as one of the top five movie stars of all time! All time! And then you have Al Pacino who came along in the 70's to such critical acclaim in The Godfather films and Dog Day Afternoon and has never looked back. I'm gonna go with Bogie on this one, but only by the slimmest of margins.

Match 8: Sidney Poitier vs Russell Crowe
The very talented Mr. Poitier against the sometimes often underrated Russell Crowe. We all know about Poitier's amazing run during the 60's with such films like Guess Who's Coming To Dinner, In The Heat of the Night and To Sir With Love but Crowe has had some amazing films too such as Gladiator, A Beautiful Mind, and L.A. Confidential. But once again I will have to go with Team Classic and pick Sidney.

Match 9: Gregory Peck vs Liam Neeson
You can probably sum of Peck's career with his brilliant turn as Atticus Finch in To Kill A Mockingbird and he can probably best any of the modern actors in this field. So Liam is at a serious disadvantage from the get go. Still maybe the luck of the Irish will prevail for the Irishman who has starred in such films as Schindler's List, Taken, Batman Begins, Gangs of New York, Star Wars and so many more. I go with Peck.

Match 10: Burt Lancaster vs George Clooney
A match between Lancaster's fiery brimstone and Clooney's smoothness. Burt was an amazing physical actor with such great performances in From Here To Eternity and The Killers to name just two while Clooney has made the transition from TV heartthrob (ER) to bonafide film star (O Brother Where Art Thou, The Ocean Eleven film series). I'm gonna call this one a tie.

So there you have it. Five more matches, set to begin Sunday evening and will run through Thursday night just like this week. Good luck to all the gentlemen that are competing.

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