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Friday, November 16, 2012

My Childhood Crushes #7 - Lynda Carter

Lynda as Wonder Woman

OK you knew eventually I would be talking about Lynda Carter as one of my childhood crushes. I mean, who can forget Wonder Woman. And it's not because she looked unbelievably beautiful and sexy and great in that unforgettable costume. Or that she was portraying one of my favorite comic book heroines ever. I mean all that was great. But I enjoyed her take as The Amazon Princess because she had such a sly sense of humor. She wasn't cracking wise mind you, but you can see in her facial expressions and every now and then a sly one liner that made me crush on her even more. 

As WW's alter ego Diana Prince...damn Diana those are big glasses

Now I was quite young when the series originally aired from 1975-1979, but god bless reruns. I was able to watch them on repeat during the mid 80's. I would race home from school and park myself right in front of the TV to watch Lynda do her thing as WW. It was pure heaven. Now she also had another TV series around this same time called Partners in Crime, co-starring Loni Anderson. It only lasted one season but it was more Lynda to watch for me, so I loved it.

You for real? Dude I'm Wonder Woman, I can snap you like a twig
with my pinky..better recognize!

I would love to meet her in person. That would be an amazing experience but I haven't came across her yet at any of the conventions I have attended. But I hope one day to meet her so I can gush about her and tell her I how much I love her and that she is the one and only Wonder Woman. Much like Christopher Reeve is the one and only Superman.

Classic 70's poster

Lynda today at!


Emma said...

OMG!! I am only twenty and was obsessed with Linda as Wonder Woman when I was a child. I used to watch an episode and dress up in my version of a WW outfit - a one-piece swimsuit, knee-high socks and a rope and run around the backyard chancing my younger brother. Thanks for reminding me of my WW years!!

Rick29 said...

Great topic for a series and, of course, a great subject for this post!

Page said...

When I was a kid I asked my dad who his favorite actress was and he said Linda Carter. He thought she was the most beautiful women he'd ever seen. This brings back memories.
Have a great weekend!

Miss Laia said...

I love her, I always wanted to dress up as wonder woman after watching the series, she was a fantastic character.


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