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Monday, November 12, 2012

Jane Wyman in Larceny, Inc (1942)

Jane looking a tad bothered in Larceny, Inc

A delightful comedy with my classic goddess of the month, Jane Wyman. It stars perennial tough guy Edward G. Robinson as 'Pressure Maxwell', an ex-con just released from prison with his pal Jug Martin (played by Broderick Crawford). Once out, Pressure is greeted by his niece Denny (the delightful Jane Wyman) who hopes he will stay out of trouble. But once Pressure and Jugs meet up with another pal named Weepy (Edward Brophy) they starting thinking of a new scam. While in prison, cell-mate Leo (Anthony Quinn) was planning a bank job, which they wanted no part in. Well once they find a store that sells luggage right next door to said bank, the trio decide to buy the current owner (Harry Davenport) out to use the store to break into the bank. But lo and behold when business starts zooming thanks to Denny and her new beau (Jack Carson) starting coming up with these crazy ideas for wild sales days. So now the boys think about staying legit. That is until Leo busts out and comes a calling.
Pressure trying to tell Denny he has turned over a new leaf

Denny is suspicious of Pressure's motives

Pressure can see it all clearly now

Denny and Jeff doing a little advertising for Pressure's store

Larceny Inc is a hilarious movie that lets Robinson spoof his tough guy image. And he is a joy to watch.  Letting lose with so many funny one liners with tommy gun efficiency. Who said Robinson couldn't be funny. He's get great support from Crawford and Brophy as his pals. They're almost like The Three Stooges with the puns and wisecracks. Jane Wyman and Jack Carson shine in their supporting roles. And Quinn is effective as the heavy. But it's the three guys of Robinson, Crawford and Brophy who make this movie as fun as it can be. One of the great lesser known films of yesteryear. It's a treat to watch. And check out Jackie Gleason in one of his early roles as a soda clerk.

Film: B+
Jane's performance: B+


KimWilson said...

Never seen this, but watching Robinson and Wyman in a comedy would be refreshing.

silverscreenings said...

Love this movie! It's one of my faves. Robinson is sooo good here, and the whole movie is made that much better with Carson's role. Thanks for a great review.


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