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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lombard Cup Week Three Update: with three days left, looking like a sweep for Team Classic

Two of the five matches are blow-outs and are pretty much over. One match is starting to look that way too. While the two last matches are actually pretty close. But with that being said, Team Classic leads in every single one of them. Looking to sweep this week and take total control of the cup. But a young man named Leonardo may have something to say about that first. Here are the latest numbers in this week matches:

Leo is about Team Modern's best chance to pick up a point
and win a match this week...and as much as I love Jack Lemmon,
I gotta root for Leo..kid's got moxy!

Match 11:
William Powell leads Samuel L. Jackson 18-4

Match 12: 
William Holden leads Robert DeNiro 17-4

Match 13:
Kirk Douglas leads Christopher Walken 12-9

Match 14:
Jack Lemmon leads Leonardo DiCaprio 11-10

Match 15:
Gary Cooper leads Gary Oldman 14-8

Matches will continue through Friday evening.

1 comment:

Patti said...

I guess I'm greedy...because that Coop and Holden aren't ahead 21 or 22 - 0 is shocking!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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