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Monday, November 5, 2012

Personal Quotes by Jane Wyman

Here are some personal quotes by Jane over the years...supplied by IMDB:

The opportunity for brotherhood presents itself every time you meet a human being.
I guess I just don't have a talent for it, some women just aren't the marrying kind - or anyway, not the permanent marrying kind, and I'm one of them.
[on winning the 1949 Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role of Johnny Belinda (1948)]: I won this award for keeping my mouth shut, so I think I'll do it again now.
[Who said in 1964 about growing up in an unhappy, humorless household]: Shyness is not a small problem; it can cripple the whole personality. It crippled mine for many years. As a child, my only solution to the problem of shyness was to hide, to make myself as small and insignificant as possible. All through grade school I was a well-mannered little shadow who never spoke above a whisper.

[on The Lost Weekend (1945)]: It was my biggest chance yet, and I was determined to make the most of it. I was determined to act from the inside out, to disregard all surface effects, and delve into the character of a sturdy woman who endured hardship stoically and who concealed a deeply emotional nature under a frosty, pragmatic exterior. I meditated on the role at great length; I wanted to get to the bottom of this woman's psyche. And in doing so I dredged up all the early hardships and disappointments in my own life, looking constantly for some points of reference that would link our respective inner schemes.
[When asked if she loved television better than film]: The reason I enjoy TV more than pictures now is that I like the pace better. You've got so many hours to do so much, and you have to get it done. I was on The Yearling for eleven and a half months! Sometimes we only did two pages of dialogue in four days.

[In 1984]: Women are like tea bags. You never know how strong they are until you put them in hot water.
[on commenting her newspaper interview in 1981 about her almost 50 year career in films]: I've been through four different cycles in pictures: the brassy blonde, then came the musicals, the high dramas, then the inauguration of television.
[In 1981]: The movies were changing, and the kinds of things that they were offering me I wouldn't look at, much less do. They were sordid. I have spent too many years in my craft, in my own little niche, my own little way, and it didn't matter to me. I didn't want to work anyway.

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silverscreenings said...

A lot of food for thought here. ... Eleven and a half months on "The Yearling"? Seriously? That's insane!


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