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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Robert Redford soundly defeats Warren Beatty 14-2

In a battle of the heartthrobs, it was golden boy Robert Redford easily beating bad boy Warren Beatty 14-2. This match was over on day one when Redford jumped out to an 8-0 lead and never looked back. Redford improves his record to 2-1 while Beatty, competing in his first match play goes to 0-1. I hope to have a new match up and running by tomorrow.  And Natalie Wood came by to personally congratulate Robert on his victory in the pic below.

See I told ya, had it in the bag the whole time. Now let's go celebrate your victory!


Patti said...

I don't think I've ever seen a Warren Beatty movie in my entire life...but I wish I had voted for him. I don't like seeing anyone lose so badly. My heart always goes out to the lonely, hurting, or unpopular, so I hereby change my vote, giving Beatty 3 votes instead of 2.

Maria said...

Poor Warren. But come one, it's Robert Redford!

Anonymous said...

I voted for Beatty, or rather, I posted in favor of Beatty. I had no idea there was a poll, I thought the comments were counted. Never mind. Beatty is #1 in - not only - my book.
Where is that original article to which I commented, anyway?


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