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Sunday, February 5, 2012

The 2012 Favorite Classic Actress Tournament: The top 4 seeds

Less than a month away is the 2012 edition of the favorite classic actress tournament. I just talked to my co-bloggers (John and Desiree) who are assisting me with this grand event and we have decided on the top 4 seeds. And it will be the four women who made it to the final four last year. Makes sense. The overall top seed is Irene Dunne, the winner of the whole thing, and she will be representing the silent/30's era. Which John of Mythical Monkey will be taking care of. Here's the link to his blog:mythicalmonkey

Next is the 40's era top seed Vivien Leigh and Desiree will be handling that era. Here's the link to her blog:rosalind-russell

And for the 50's will be Grace Kelly and Natalie Wood for the 60's. Which I will be taking care of both eras. The 50's on Dawn's Noir and Chick Flicks and the 60's here on All Good Things. First round begins on Monday, March 5th. Expect more annoucements and the list of matches before that day hits.

Irene (30's era top seed)

Vivien (40's era top seed)

Grace (50's era top seed)

Natalie (60's era top seed)

1 comment:

Patti said...

Can't wait! It ought to be such fun! Thanks to you and your friends for all the hard work in putting the tournament together.


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