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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

If It's Tuesday, Then It Must Be Grace Kelly - Her films to TV ratio

We all know that Grace Kelly made a limited number of films before giving up Hollywood to marry Prince Rainier of Monaco. She made 11 films, most of which were critical and commercial successes. Most likely she would have had a long and enduring film career. But I was surprised at the amount of TV work she did before her movie stardom skyrocketed. She appeared in 18 TV series and one tv movie. That's quite impressive considering she only acted from 1950 - 1956. Now for most of these series, she only did one episode but still that is amazing. Some of the series she starred in included: Big Town, The Clock, Somerset Maugham TV Theatre, The Prudential Family Playhouse, CBS Television Workshop, Robert Montgomery Presents, and Actor's Studio (where she played Princess Alexandra, which she would later re-create for the film, The Swan). Just wanted to share this interesting fact about the wonderful Grace.

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DorianTB said...

Monty, I enjoyed your post! Grace Kelly is a fave here at Team Bartilucci H.Q., too, especially for her films with Alfred Hitchcock. Bless her, she sure packed in lots of films and TV shows in her brief and glorious acting career. It's interesting to ponder what her career would have been like moving forward, but I guess that gig at the palace in Monaco was too good to pass up! :-)


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