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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Top Five Best Matches from the 2011 Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tourney

As the 2nd annual favorite classic movie actress tourney nears it kick-off date, I went back to look at last year's inagural tourney. And made a post about the top 5 best matches, based on most voter participation. And surprisingly the top match wasn't the championship final match. I will start with number 5 and count my way up to number 1.

5. IRENE DUNNE VS BARBARA STANWYCK (97 VOTES) This match took place in the second round of the silent/30's era bracket which saw Irene defeat Barbara soundly 59-38. Stanwyck was the number 2 ranked seed in this era while Irene was number ten. So this was a huge upset.

4. IRENE DUNNE VS VIVIEN LEIGH (97 VOTES) The championship match which decided the favorite classic movie actress was an exciting one, which saw Irene prevail 55-42 over Vivien. Make no mistake about it, Irene Dunne proved she could go the distance as she took out the more highly ranked actresses in this tourney.

3. CAROLE LOMBARD VS MYRNA LOY (100 VOTES) My girl Carole took down Myrna Loy in the 30's era semi-final match 59-41. And I loved it. I love Myrna with all my heart too, but I love Carole just a little bit more. Carole was one round away from going to the Final Four.

2.  IRENE DUNNE VS CLAUDETTE COLBERT (100 VOTES) Another match involving Irene Dunne. This time she crushed Colbert 64-36 in a blow-out 30's era semi-final match. And kind of surprising too. Colbert is fondly loved and one of the most popular actresses during this era.

1. IRENE DUNNE VS CAROLE LOMBARD (101 VOTES) How fitting that the most popular match from last year's tourney featured my top 2 favorite actresses. And so it came down to this, Carole against Irene. Now I was pulling for Carole all the way and was a little saddened when she lost 58-43. But now I had my second fave actress Irene to root for. This match was the most voted one in the entire tourney. And it was a great one

Looking back to last year's tourney and to see that Irene Dunne was involved in four of the five top matches just only adds more to her historic run. Just unbelievable as she went on her Cinderella run and never looked back. Here's to looking forward to this year's tourney which will see her defend her crown. Good luck to all 128 actresses that are competing.


Renata said...

that's gonna be exciting! I hope Irene wins again!!!! =)

Ginger Ingenue said...

I hope Irene doesn't win! I'm shocked she beat Stanwyck, and Vivien Leigh...I like them, and Myrna Loy, better than Irene Dunne. And I've never seen a Carole Lombard who knows.

Dawn said...

How fun to look back..

dipali sharma said...

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