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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A new kind of match play....

Hello everyone! It's me Monty. I'm back with a new match play for this week. As I had mentioned earlier, what with the Favorite Classic Actress tournament coming up in March, I would being doing an alternative type of match play for the next two months. Instead of actors and actresses competing, for the time being it will be characters vs characters. Like in classic and beloved characters from TV and film. Some of you might know that I have an album of memorable characters on facebook. And that from time to time I post about said characters on my good friend Irene's wonderful blog, And Then They Start To Sparkle. So for the next 7 or 8 weeks, I will be presenting matchups between some of the greatest characters in film and TV. I will keep the film characters separate from TV characters. So let's get started with our first match shall we.


Character Name: Samantha Stevens (Bewitched)
Portrayed by Elizabeth Montgomery
Years: 1964-1972 (254 episodes)
Family: Darrin (husband), Tabitha (daughter), Endora (mother), Serena (sister)
Maurice (father), Clara (aunt), Arthur (uncle)
Occupation: housewife, witch
Special abilities: As a witch, Samantha could cast spells, fly, teleport, move objects with her
mind, communicate with animals, control the weather, time travel.
Trademarks: to cast her spells, Samantha usually twitches her nose. Known to say welllllllllll!
quite a bit.



Character Name: Jeannie
Portrayed by: Barbara Eden
Years: 1965-1970 (139 episodes)
Family: Jeannie 2 (sister)
Occupation: genie, trouble-maker
Special abilities: Can teleport, can move objects by thought, freeze time, can shrink herself and
others, control animals
Trademarks: to perform her abilities, folds her arms and blinks her eyes. As a servant genie, she always calls the one who possesses her genie bottle..master.

So a battle between Samantha, a witch against Jeannie, a genie. Should be fun. The match begins immediately and runs through Sunday 3 pm EST. Good luck to both women.

Play nice ladies...

1 comment:

Laura said...

Totally Samantha. I've wanted to be her since I was a little girl. Elizabeth Montgomery is adorable personified.


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