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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

You Can't Run Away from It(1956).

You Can't Run Away from It(1956). Comedy starring June Allyson and Jack Lemmon. Directed and produced by Dick Powell, the film is a remake of the Academy Award-winning film, It Happened One Night(1934).

The story begins when, Ellie Andrews, a wealthy socialite rebelling against her father's wishes marries a well known gigolo, Jacques Ballarino. Her family kidnaps her and holds her on their San Diego yacht, in hopes that they can have the marriage annulled. Before the papers can be signed, Ellie jumps overboard and boards a Greyhound bus headed for Houston, where her groom is waiting for her.(it was filmed in Tuscon, and I recognized some landmarks). On the way she meets news reporter, Peter Warne, who agrees to help Ellie in exchange for her exclusive story, but the two fall in love while on the road.

You will see many of the classic moments from the film, It Happened One Night: the group song in the bus, the search for raw carrots, the hitch hiking scene, and the "walls of Jericho". Maybe, this film is not as wonderful as the original, but still a fun film.

Paul Gilbert (December 27, 1918 – February 13, 1975). played various roles and appeared as himself from The Spike Jones Show in 1954 through Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In in 1973. Gilbert also appeared in other early television shows: The NBC Comedy Hour, The Colgate Comedy Hour, Lux Video Theatre, Perry Mason, and The Dick Van Dyke Show.

Gilbert and his fourth wife Barbara Crane adopted Melissa Gilbert who played Laura Ingalls Wilder and Jonathan Gilbert who played Willie Oleson on the NBC TV series Little House on the Prairie.

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