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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

In the first classic characters match play...Samantha wins easily over Jeannie

Samantha of Bewitched prevailed over Jeannie of I Dream Of Jeannie in the first classic characters match play 19-5. I love both characters and series but my favorite of the two is definitely Samantha. Thanks to everyone who voted and I will have a new match up soon.
Samantha working her magic


Victoria said...

I love Bewitched and still watch re-runs of it often. I never cared for I Dream of Jeannie, I think the military theme part of it turned me off.

Patti said...

Oh, my dear friend Victoria and I are on opposite sides on this one. Jeannie was always my favorite of the shows...mostly because Major Nelson was SO much cuter than Darren Stevens.

As a pre-teen, I had quite the crush on Major Nelson. I hated seeing Larry Hagman go on to Dallas and play that nasty old J.R.


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