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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bonus Guest for this month....the wonderful Kate Love

This month we have a bonus guest as my friend Kate that I met on Facebook also accepted my invite to be the guest for this month. And she was very thorough in her answers. So let's get started shall we...First and foremost, she loves Audrey Hepburn..a lot!

Me: What made you start blogging?

Kate:  Well, I am not one to blog. I find nothing wrong with it and I enjoy looking at people’s blogs but it is not something that I do. The reason is that I can’t think of anything that would have people interested or want to read my blog. It would be one thing is I had an exciting and interesting life but I don’t. I have a pretty normal life and who would want to read about that.

Me: Who are some of your favorite classic film stars?

Kate: This is a hard one because they are so many great actor and actresses of the classical period . I will name you some that first come into my head. The first person that comes into my mind would be the handsome Ronald Colman. As if this man’s looks were not good enough, his voice was out of this world. His voice was made for the radio. I could listen to his voice all day and night. I loved him in the films Random Harvest , Lucky Partners, A Tale of Two Cities, The Talk of the Town and a silent film that he was in called The Winning of Barbara Worth.

Another actor that comes into my mind would be of course the distinguished Claude Rains. For those of you who don’t know me and I am sure that is many of you, I love this man. Again it was not his acting alone that I fell in love with but much more than that. Here was a man who was dirt poor growing up in England and yet he made something of himself. He was on the stage, in movies, radio and on T.V. shows. Though he may have not be a Tyrone Power in looks, there is something about him that makes me idolize him. Loved him in the films The Phantom of the Opera, Now, Voyager, Mr. Skeffington, Casablanca, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Kings Row and Notorious.

Speaking of idolizing someone, another actor that I love to see and hear is the great Sir Laurence Olivier. I fell in love with this man the first time I saw him in Wuthering Heights. After seeing him in that. I could not get enough of the man. I saw most of his films and while they were not all the greatest, his performance never disappointed me. He could do it all sing, dance, drama, comedy and so on. He could be Russian in one movie and than German in another movie. It was hard to believe that he was acting, it seemed so real. Pride and Prejudice, That Hamilton Woman, Rebecca, Bunny Lake is Missing, Carrie, Othello, The Shoes of the Fisherman and Marathon Man where all films of his that I really enjoyed.

When it comes to actresses, there is a ton but I would like to talk about my top favorite one if I may. The reason being is that I have so much to say about this actress. I am of course talking about the lovely Audrey Hepburn. When just saying her name, I have chills up and down my spine. Many of us have role models and well Audrey Hepburn is my top role model. The reason being is that she was just a simple and average woman who made so much out of her life. Yes, she was an actress and had the fame and all. Though, what people remember about her goes far beyond all that. She was a woman who wanted to be loved and wanted to love. She was not about the fame, she used her fame for the good of others. She grew up during WWII and went through hardships throughout her life. Her father left her at a young age, she suffered miscarriages, had two divorces and always never felt fully loved and accepting of herself. She loved and respected people for who they were. Her one passion in life was to help the children of the world. She was not only a mother to two boys but became a mother to all children. As far as Audrey Hepburn the actress, she was the best of the best. She worked with the best actors around such as Cary Grant, Fred Astaire, Sean Connery and Gary Copper, just to name a few. She could do drama, comedy, suspense, romance films and all were believable. You could believe that she was Eliza Doolittle and that she was a flower girl. At the same time you could also believe that she was a Princess who has fallen in love with Gregory Peck. She you could say was the girl next door. Everyone weather you are male or female falls in love with the woman. Though I have never met the woman, I feel as though she is my dearest friend. Is that weird of me to think that, maybe but that is the truth.

Me:  What are some of your favorite films?

Kate: Well, this one is hard cause there a ton of great films that I like. It all really depends on my mood and what is going on in my life. If I want to cry I would watch films like An Affair to Remember, Beaches, The Notebook, P.S. I Love You, Wuthering Heights, Carrie(1952) and so on. If I want to laugh then I would watch films like Some Like It Hot, Duck Soup, It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, Dinner at Eight, The Egg and I, Airplane and so on. If I wanted to just watch a movie to relax and enjoy myself than it would be an Audrey Hepburn movie, Claude Rains movie, Ronald Colman movie, Lillan Gish and Mary Pickford.

Me: Some good choices there Kate. I believe you're my first guest to choose It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. That movie is hilarious.

Me: What is your first Classical Experience?

Kate: I have really watched classical movies for years. Though I liked watching them, I never really got into to them so to speak till a few years ago. I would watch what my parents would be watching but never really got into the movies. For some reason during my high school years, I just fell in love with Audrey Hepburn and watched all of her films. Also during that time I wanted to see all different types of movies. I loved watching silent movies and black and white movies. To me it makes the movie that much better when in black and white.

Me: What are some movies that you did not like and then grew to like?
Kate: Can’t really think of anything.
Me: That's ok.


Me: What is the perfect way for you watch to watch a classic film

Kate: I don’t really know if there is a “ perfect” way to watch a classic film. When I watch an old time movie I like it to be at night, why I don’t know. I like it to be dark, especially when watching a black and white film. If think if there is color in the room, it is not with the movie. I like to be in that time of the film and color does not help with the effect. The best I can answer the question.

Me: For me personally, on the couch with no distractions is perfect for me.


Me: Who else shares your love for old movies?

Kate: Well, I don’t think any of my friends love or appreciate the good old films but some of them at least know a few old films. I think everyone has seen The Wizard of Oz as a child but there are a few films that my friends have seen that I was surprised about. My one friend loves Doris Day and has seen a few of her films. She may not be the classic era of Hollywood but it is a start. A few friends have hard of some old time movie stars such as Jimmy Stewart, Gene Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and those types of names.

As far as my family members, my father is the one who loves old movies as much as me. Though I think I can top him though. My mother does and does not like old movies. I like silent films and she hates them. I like black and white movies, she likes color ones. My sisters and brother do not like anything that is made before 1980. They are not a fan of old movies. My siblings are in their mid 30’s.

Me: What is your favorite era for classic films?

Kate: My favorite time period for movies would be the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. So many good and I mean good films were made in those decades. They knew how to make a good movie back then. Plus the actors and actress of those times were awesome.

Me: Awesome!

Please come back in a few days for part 2 of Kate's terrific answers.


RobinfromCA said...

This was so much fun to read. I wonder what draws some people to the classics and others don't care about them...hmm... Can't wait to read part two. Your questions are great!


Patti said...

So with you, Kate. Audrey was far more than just a beautiful face. She was beautiful within!!

Yes, Ronald Colman had a wonderful voice. I especially love him in Random of my all-time favorite movies.

I prefer black and white movies too.

Oh, and by the way, I think most bloggers have normal lives. So don't think that because you're not doing anything exciting that no one would be interested.

Thanks for sharing your answers, Kate!


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