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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ann Sheridan crushes Clara Bow 14-6 in match play

Here's to ya Ann for your big win!

The Ooomph Girl handily took care of the It Girl by the score of 14-6. Ann Sheridan cruised to an easy victory to even her match play record to 1-1. While Clara Bow falls to 0-2. Don't worry Clara, I know you will get a win soon. You're the It Girl for crying out loud! Anyway as the favorite classic actress tournament nears I thought I might change up these next few matches. I will have a new one ready for tomorrow. Please do stop by to take a gander. And thanks to everyone who voted on this recent match. I know Ann appreciates it.

So what happened Clara? I thought you were the It Girl? - Clara's
friend doesn't take her loss too well

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