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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Classic Stars Match Play #6: Paulette Goddard vs Jeanne Crain

As promised here is my next match play event. Featuring two very talented actresses that both had successful careers, Paulette Goddard and Jeanne Crain. Should be an intriguing match as Paulette will be making her first match play appearance ever and Jeanne in only her second match. Good luck to both women as the match begins immediately and will run through Sunday 1 pm EST. Now let's meet both women shall we...

Paulette Goddard

Name: Pauline Marion Goddard Levy
Birth Date: June 3, 1910 (Whitestone Landing, Long Island, New York)
Height: 5 '4"
Academy Awards: 1 nomination - Best Supporting Actress  (So Proudly We Hail, 1943)
Monties: 1 nomination - Best Actress (Modern Times, 1936) so far...
My favorite Paulette film: The Women
Match Play record: 0-0 (this is Paulette's first match)


Jeanne Crain

Name: Jeanne Elizabeth Crain
Birth Date: May 25, 1925 (Barstow, California)
Height: 5 '4"
Academy Awards: 1 nomination - Best Actress (Pinky, 1950)
Monties: none so far....
My favorite Jeanne film: Pinky
Match Play record: 0-1 (lost to Ingrid Bergman 42-10 in the 40's era of Favorite
Classic Actress tournament)


Laura said...

For some reason I haven't quite put my finger on, Jeanne Crain's always been a pet actress of mine. So I've got to give it to her, though I kinda know Goddard's going to win in a landslide, probably.

Desiree said...

I like both of them a lot, but definitely prefer Paulette! She has attitude, hehe :) Love your favorite Paulette film ;)

Rudolf said...

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