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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Favorite Things I Love About Deborah Kerr

A new month and a new classic movie goddess means a new favorite things list. This month it's Deborah Kerr and without any more delay here are some reasons why I love her so much.

Her amazing accent...just a wonderful sounding voice

She played a lot of prim and proper Englishwomen but I also loved her when she played the not so prim
and proper characters such as Karen Holmes in From Here To Eternity.

Her pairings with Cary Grant, which is really an answer for every actress that co-starred with Cary.

Made the best nanny/governess par none. See The King and I, The Innocents, and The Chalk Garden.

Displayed a flair for light comedy that I wished she was able to use in more films.

Without question, one of the most beautiful women that ever lived.

Made one of the best adventure films ever..King Solomon's Mines

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