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Sunday, November 13, 2011

REAR WINDOW wins favorite Hitchock film tournament...

We did it Jimmy!

Rear Window defeated North By Northwest 15-9 to win as favorite Alfred Hitchcock film of All Good Things. So Patti was right when she named Rear Window as the eventual winner when this tournament first started. Thanks to everyone who came by and voted to make this tournament a success.


Rick29 said...

I love REAR WINDOW...but we fans of VERTIGO are still filing a protest!

Page said...

Well Darn!
I would have preferred Rebecca but I won't spoil Jimmy and Grace's moment.
Can't wait to see what's next.

Patti said...

Yes, even though I do not like Rear Window, I really figured it would win. The only surprise to me is that I wasn't the only one not voting for it.

Can't wait to see what your next tourney/poll is.

Rachel said...

Hah, hah, yes, my favorite Hitchcock (okay, tied with Vertigo) won! I feel like rubbing my hands together and emitting a Gollum-like giggle.

Page said...

Knock it off Rachel! We need time to mourn here. Ha Ha

RobinfromCA said...

OK, I just discovered your blog through They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To and I'm loving these classic movie blogs! I must say...well done on the Rear Window choice! It's definitely my favorite of the two even though I love Vertigo and it was filmed in places I've lived in and spent my life visiting. (The only place that still looks exactly the same today as then is San Juan Bautista.) LOVE the photo you chose from Rear Window! Can't wait to check out If It's Tuesday, Then It Must Be Grace Kelly!



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