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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ray Milland crushes Stewart Granger 19-4 in match play

Ray Milland
Milland all calm and collected after an easy win...

What I thought would be a tightly contested match ended up being a blow-out as Ray Milland cruised to a 19-4 victory over Stewart Granger. Milland is now 1-1 in match play while Granger strikes out in his first match and is now 0-1. A new match will begin within a few days. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to vote.

1 comment:

Patti said...

While I like Milland and did vote for him (the first match in the last several of which I've been on the "winning" side), I am surprised by the way he crushed Granger. I wonder, though, maybe Stewart Granger just isn't as well-known. With the exception of seeing him in Green Fire, which I saw a couple years ago ONLY because I was seeing all of Grace Kelly's films, I wasn't familiar with him at all. It wasn't until this past summer, over 5 years into my classic movie life, that I really began to notice him. I like him...though I do like Milland more, hence my vote.

Again, a rambling comment from me. Sorry!


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