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Monday, November 14, 2011

Modern Stuff...Kurt Russell

I recently got asked the question..."Monty, you never talk about new films. Why is that?" And then I would state the obvious that it says right there in my header that I will be talking about classic film, TV and stars. To which they repsonded.."you also said you would talk about the new stuff occassionally too." Touche. So to make amends I will post about modern films and stars once a week. And what better day than Monday to get started. I will either choose a particular topic or star and talk about their films. So for my first  choice I randomly chose actor Kurt Russell. And here are my favorite films starring Kurt. Enjoy.


My favorite modern western. It's one helluva of a movie. Kurt Russell is solid as Wyatt Earp but it's Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday who steals the show. And just look at the supporting cast: Sam Elliott, Bill Paxton, Michael Biehn, Powers Boothe, Dana Delaney, Billy Zane, Jason Priestly, Michael Rooker, and Billy Bob Thornton. Exciting shootouts and wonderful dialogue make this a winner. And has some of the best lines in movies, period.


Classic 80's flick with Kurt Russell ultra cool as bad ass ex-soldier now criminal, Snake Plissken. Set in 1997, he's finally caught and on his way to the maximum security prison which is now the entire state of New York. But a a group of convicts kidnap the President from Air Force One and threaten to kill them unless they're released from prison. So the prez's only hope is Snake, who reluctantly agrees. Russell is perfect as Snake who doesn't say much but kicks a lot of ass. A plus is super sexy Adrienne Barbeau as one of Snake's friends and Issac Hayes as the convicts leader.


a good Collage
Kurt Russell is all swagger as trucker Jack Burton in this very entertaining action/comedy that has a little bit of everything: kung fu, magic, tough talking good guys, nasty bad guys, cool fights, people flying around, and some of the best quotes of any movie in history. As Jack would say this is going to take crackerjack timing.


J.T. Walsh, Kurt Russell, Kathleen Quinlan, in Breakdown (1997)
Terrific, suspenseful film with Kurt Russell and Kathleen Quinlan as a married couple driving through the New Mexico desert on their way to California when their car breaks down. A trucker offers the wife a lift to the next town to call a wrecker but is never heard from again. Kurt is then targeted by the trucker and his cronies to pay her ransom or his wife will be killed. So begins a game of cat and mouse and it's riveting stuff. Kurt is good as the husband and JT Walsh makes the perfect bad guy. An underrated gem.

THE THING (1982)
Kurt Russell in The Thing
Very cool sci-fi/horror flick set in Antarctica. At an American research base of only 12 men, an alien life form is discovered and all hell breaks loose. This alien has the unique ability to imitate any other life form it comes in contact with - including humans. Kurt Russell plays RJ MacReady, the pilot who tries to figure out how to kill this thing before everyone is taken over. Directed by ace horror master John Carpenter with terrific gore effects, a suspenseful music score, and a twinge of mystery. Done before the heyday of CG, this 1982 film holds up remarkably well. A treat for horror/sci-fi fans.DARK BLUE (2003)


Star studded cast about a family of firefighters dealing with all kinds of drama. Check out this line-up: Kurt Russell, Robert DeNiro, Donald Sutherland, Rebecca DeMornay, Scott Glenn, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and JT Walsh again. Amazing fire sequences, coupled with a soaring music score and top notch performances make this a winner.

Dark Blue
One of the best movies about police corruption ever. Kurt Russell is on mark as a dirty Los Angeles detective who reaches a turning point as his world and life become unbearable. Set against the backdrop of the Rodney King riots, this is one film that will get your attention. Terrific support from Ving Rhames, Brendan Gleeson and Lolita Davidovich.

The Strongest Man in the World
Other good Kurt Russell films include Overboard (1987) with his long time girlfriend Goldie Hawn; Miracle (2004), Used Cars (1980), Unlawful Entry (1992) and Tequila Sunrise (1988) pairing him with Michelle Pfeiffer and Mel Gibson. Oh and let's not forget his Disney films he made in the 60's and early 70's, such as The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, The Strongest Man In The World, The Barefoot Executive and Now You See Him, Now You Don't. In fact Kurt was one of Disney's biggest stars during this time period. So Kurt does have a connection to classic cinema..well a little.

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