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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


My friend Alicia Garbo on Facebook created this wonderful page called British Beauties. Dedicated to all the fabulous women born in the U.K. The page just hit 100 fans and I told her I would mention it here on All Good Things. Here are Alicia's own words to describe British Beauties. 

This Page is in celebration of British Beauty in all it's forms. This is kind of a response page to all the people that seem to like 'Knocking' the way British women look, etc. True there are Beautiful women the world over, but Britain has it's fair share of beautiful women to offer too, which is evident in the picture albums of this group. Please stop by to check out this very cool page. The current star for the week is singer Dusty Springfield. Here's the link: British Beauties

This group incorporates ALL the women of the United King...dom from England to Northern Ireland to Wales to Scotland and those who have been born in the UK but maybe have Parents from elsewhere in the world. We are also celebrating beauty from the past and present.

This is NOT a racist group so please take any racial slurs, etc elsewhere!

This is also NOT a group trying to protest that British women are the most beautiful women in the world, because that country does not exist, beautiful and ugly women are spread out the world over wherever they are from. Beauty isn't always skin deep either.

As women we should appreciate the differences in each-other and celebrate them, beauty does not come in one form or way, but billions of different ways. I hope you enjoy this group!See More

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Irene Palfy said...

Yay for The British Beauties Group! ;")


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