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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Box Office Attractions: GRETA GARBO

All month long I will be posting about Greta Garbo, as she is my classic movie goddess for April. And since I haven't done a post on my box office attraction series, I thought I would combine them both. Here is a chart listing her salary from her early silent era days to her final film. Stats provided by IMDB.

FLESH AND THE DEVIL (1926)     $600/week
TORRENT (1926)                             $400/week
ANNA CHRISTIE (1931)                 $250,000
SUSAN LENNOX (1931)                $250,000
MATA HARA (1931)                        $7,000 per week
GRAND HOTEL (1932)                  $7,000 per week
QUEEN CHRISTINA (1933)          $250,000
ANNA KARENINA (1935)            $275,000
CAMILLE (1936)                            $500,000
NINOTCHKA (1939)                     $125,000
TWO-FACED WOMAN (1941)     $150,000

As you can see Greta started off earning around $500 a week per film during the silent era. Her first substantial payday was for the one-two punch of Anna Christie and Susan Lennox in 1931. Her biggest payday wound up being Camille with about half a million dollars. It is surprising that her last film, the much critized Two-Faced Woman actually was a bigger payday for her over the better loved Ninotchka.

My love of classic films is beyond measure


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KimWilson said...

She probably had more bargaining power after Ninotchka's huge success at the box office. Hence, why she made more for a less that stellar film.


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