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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Grace Kelly and Natalie Wood are in the Final Four for the second year in a row

The 50's and 60's era final matches are completed and we have our first final four finalists. And guess what, they're the same two actresses who made the final four last year. Grace Kelly and Natalie Wood. Kelly edged out Elizabeth Taylor in the 50's era final match 48-40 while Natalie Wood ripped Jean Simmons 45-25 in the 60's era final match. So Kelly and Wood will make a return trip to the final four. The only difference will be who will they face. Last year Kelly took on eventual tourney champion Irene Dunne while Wood faced Vivien Leigh. Well both those women are gone. Looks like Kelly will face Ginger Rogers, who is lighting up my girl Carole Lombard in the 30's era final by the count of 137-92 with less than a hour to go. Meanwhile over in the 40's era, Bette Davis and Judy Garland are trading blows back and forth with Garland currently holding an 10 vote egde. Their match will conclude on tomorrow. And the winner will face Natalie. And then the final four will kick off on Tuesday with the two semi-final matches. And run thru Friday night. We will then begin the championship match on Saturday and run thru Tuesday night.

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