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Friday, April 13, 2012

Life Imitates Art: Episode 1 (Jurassic Park...I'm Jeff Goldblum...for like 2 minutes)

You know sometimes how certain things in your life, be it at home or work or wherever, can resemble movies? Well maybe because I love movies so much I can see things more than others. Like when something happens I can immediately think of a certain movie that has a similar scene of what I am doing or going through. So I thought I would share some recent stories about my life and movies crossing over to become one.

First story involves Jurassic Park. And before anyone says.."Monty, really you saw actual dinosaurs running around?" No I didn't but there was something that happened that made me think of the scene where Laura Dern and the guy who is like Crocodile Dundee go looking for the others after the T-rex has made it's big intro. They stumble across Jeff Goldblum and load him into the back seat of the jeep with a hurt leg. They take off and soon the T-rex gives chase.

Ok not one of my smartest moves.....
Well at work, where I get to test the golf carts we build, we have this huge test track with lots of obstacles that the vehicles must go over. Like curbs, potholes, huge mounds, a sandpit, a diagonal ditch, gravel, water pit..all kinds of cool stuff. Well we also have this straightaway section where a vehicle came achieve top speed. I was with 2 other people in a vehicle called a 4 passenger car that has a rear seat that faces toward the back. That's where I was sitting while two other people were upfront. And the car was electric so it could only go about 12 mph. Well my boss at the time before our company had a recent layoff came tearing behind us in one of our all terrain diesel vehicles. Those things can go about 25-30 mph. And he got up on us really fast and that's when I turned to the driver, mimicking Jeff Goldbum.."Must go faster!"

I'm trying to be all brave but I was just as scared as Laura was...

Of course no one got the quote because the driver was like "I'm going as fast as I can Monty".
And I tried to say that I was just know Jurassic Park, chase scene..T-rex...all I got was the sound of crickets.

So this was episode one of my frequent movie/life crossovers. I have tons more. Will be sharing them all. And here is the clip that shows the scene what I am talking about. So just imagine me as Jeff but without a t-rex chasing me! That and no Laura Dern!


KimWilson said...

I wouldn't have gotten it either, Monty. LOL

sexta-feira said...

Hahaha! Great post! Keep them coming! Finally, someone who understands what I'm talking about! I've been getting the sound of crickets for years!

Kristen said...

The Sunshine Blog Award is going around and I've nominated you!! Here's the post and I love your blog!


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