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Thursday, June 30, 2011

10 things I love about Doris Day

Monty asked me to do a post about his classic movie goddess of the month - and this is it…:

I just adore Doris Day – and that’s what I knew for ages.

But now I started to think about what exactly I like about her –
and here are my results:
1. Of course her interest and love for animals.


2. Then - no wonder - for being a single girl myself.. – I like her spinster roles. Honest: Does she look unhappy to you before she meets Rock Hudson, Cary Grant or whoever else? No, she doesn’t! – she isn’t sitting at home, crying and waiting for her prince to come – oh no!

3. She is a Career girl! And in most cases she seems to enjoy her job – which is great!
4. And in the majority of her films she is the happy girl – an easy-going character, which I find very appealing.

5. Oh – and her Humor! Doris Day is one of the funniest actresses!

But she isn’t “just funny”:

6. She is a very versatile actress. She is great in so many dramatic roles! Her “fight” scenes are awesome e.g. LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME (1955) with James Cagney.
– And this brings us to
7. Her partners – o.k. when I was 14 my heart broke when I found out that Rock Hudson was more of a “gents-man” but I got over that.. - Well, my favourite leading man of Doris Day is anyway Jack Carson.
A hilarious pair they were – and in films with him she was always more of a
8. Singer.
I love her songs and her
9. Voice – which is kind of raspy just like her

10. Laughter, which I like most about her.

There are so much more things I like about Doris Day – but these were my top ten of them.

Yours truly


Desiree said...

Thanks for this post, Irene :) I'm glad you adore Doris so much. It's so funny that I didn't know Doris Day was an actress for a very long time. I mean, I've been a fan of her music and her songs for YEARS and never knew she was an actress. Then I discovered Pillow Talk on TV one day and well, I adored her in it... she's extremely likeable, as you said :) And btw, that picture of that funny face she made is really great!

FlickChick said...

Doris is one of the most under-rated, under-appreciated stars! Much like Judy Garland, she could do it all. And, may I add one more thing about Doris? She was quite a fashion plate! She always looked beautiful. Love Doris! Great Post!

monty said...

LOVE THIS POST! Thank you for doing it Irene. Very enjoyable.

Irene Palfy said...

Desiree - I like that picture very much, too. ;")

Flickchick, you're of course completly right - I was thinking about counting that in - but you know: some of her hats.. 60s hats are beyond my horizon I must confess.. ;")And: For a moment I was thinking about doing a post about her fashion.. - but, well.. I feared for Monty's health.. ;")

THANK YOU, Monty! And thank you for asking me to do it..

Dawn said...

Well it is no secret how much I love Doris Day's "sunny personality". Irene, loved reading the 10 things you love most about Doris Day.

Irene Palfy said...

Thank you very much, Dawn - I am happy that you enjoyed it!


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