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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's final...William Powell takes down top seeded Clark Gable 30-26 in the 30's Era Bracket to advance to The Final Four

"Boy I sure could use a drink after that..."

Well we have our first final four finalist...and it's William Powell. The debonair actor upset #1 seed Clark Gable 30-26 in a very exciting and close match. Mr. Powell will have to wait for the other three finalists to see who he will be facing. I like William Powell winning, proving that a top seed can be taken down. And plus I love Powell. Especially his films with Myrna Loy. And in other tournament news, Robert Taylor destroyed John Garfield 25-9 in the 40's play in match, to see who would grab the final spot for that era's bracket. The 40's contest will begin tomorrow morning..early. It promises to be a sensational bracket too.


Ginger said...

Yay!!!!!!!!! I like Clark Gable, but I LOVE William Powell!

Renata said...

Wooo, William beats the King :O I didn't expect it hehe but I like both =)

Anonymous said...

Very interesting tournament.....I found your page via a search for Myrna Loy box office numbers....very nice.


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