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Friday, June 10, 2011

The 1940's First Round Classic Movie Actor Tournament yields one upset as Robert Montgomery takes down Spencer Tracy

After the highly anticipated first round of the 40's bracket of the classic movie tournament kicked off, 7 of the 8 matches all had the top seeds roll to blowout victories. With the lone exception of 4th seed Spencer Tracy losing to 13th seed Robert Montgomery 31-24.Top seed had the biggest margin of victory as he rolled over Robert Taylor 51-6.  Truth be told I was won of the people who voted for Montgomery. But it's still a shock to see Tracy knocked out after the first round. Here are all the scores from the just completed first round of the 40's bracket.

CARY GRANT                                51
ROBERT TAYLOR                          6

BING CROSBY                               15
JOEL MCCREA                              36

SPENCER TRACY                         24

GARY COOPER                             40
TYRONE POWER                          16

HUMPHREY BOGART                43
GENE KELLY                                14

HENRY FONDA                           44
ALAN LADD                                 11

JAMES STEWART                     46
RAY MILLAND                          13

GREGORY PECK                      46
BOB HOPE                                 10

Round two begins immediately as soon as I can set up the polls. It will run thru Sunday night (June 12th) 8 PM EST.


Patti said...

I had 6 of these matches correct. I was upset on the Spencer Tracy match and the Fonda/Ladd match. Still pulling for Coop to take this bracket!!

monty said...

I don't know Patti. I think I will have to go with Robert Montgomery over Coop in this round. Sorry.


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