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Monday, June 20, 2011

The force is strong with ALEC GUINNESS who upsets top seed MARLON BRANDO in the first round of the 50's classic movie actor tournament...

Well the first round of the 50's bracket in the classic movie actor tournament is in the books. And top seed Marlon Brando is gone. He was knocked out by Sir Alec Guinness 23-22 in one of the biggest upsets in any of the tournaments. What makes this upset even more amazing is that Guinness had to beat Richard Burton to even get into the tournament. Wow! I will be the first to admit, I voted for Alec. Another upset was 12th seed Frank Sinatra knocking off he-man Charlton Heston (5th seed) 24-22. 2nd seed and heavy favorite William Holden had no problem beating Danny Kaye 41-5, in the round's most lopsided match.  And I was heart-broken seeing my man Dean Martin lose to Burt Lancaster. Dang. Here are the complete results to all the matches.

1  MARLON BRANDO                     22
16 ALEC GUINNESS                         23

8  JAMES DEAN                               12
9 ROBERT MITCHUM                    34

4  BURT LANCASTER                    27
13 DEAN MARTIN                          19

5  CHARLTON HESTON                22
12 FRANK SINATRA                      24

2  WILLIAM HOLDEN                   41
15 DANNY KAYE                             5

7  MONTGOMERY CLIFT           23
10 ROCK HUDSON                       22

3  JOHN WAYNE                           30
14 GLENN FORD                          16

6  KIRK DOUGLAS                     35
11 ANTHONY QUINN                10


Patti said...

I had 6 of these matches correct...missed on the John Wayne/Glenn Ford match and the Brando/Guinness match.

Glad to see my #1 Holden totally steamrolled his competition. Next match pits him against my #3 guy, Monty Clift, but I think that will be another easy round for The Golden Boy.

Very surprised (pleasantly) about Sinatra's win and Mitchum's win.

Kalli said...

I'm hoping that Holden continues to do well!

Irene Palfy said...

Aww - I voted for Dean and Danny - and Anthony..

Desiree said...

I forgot to comment earlier, but wow, I couldn't believe that Alec Guinness beat Marlon Brando! :O

Irene Palfy said...

Haha! Revisiting this post - and just noticed this hilarious post title!! Monty, you are the best!!

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed that Dean lost as well! I love him!! I'm surprised that Brando got beat. I voted for Charlton Heston, but I picked the rest of the winners. Thanks for the fun tournament!


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