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Monday, June 6, 2011

It's a little "MANHATTAN MELODRAMA" as Clark Gable and William Powell face off in the 30's Era Final Match (Not to mention both being formerly married to Carole Lombard)

MGM stable-mates and co-stars of the 1934 film Manhattan Melodrama, Clark Gable and William Powell will face off against one another in the Silent/30's Era Final. Top seed Gable beat 12th seed James Cagney 17-12, while 6th Powell overcame 7th seed Errol Flynn 20-11. Sorry I didn't post the results sooner but my right shoulder has been causing me pain of late. I have a small bone spur in it and flares up from time to time. Anyway, this match kicks off immediately and will run through Tuesday 9 pm EST. And then onWednesday I will start the 1940's bracket. I didn't want to have overlap like I did with the women's so once this first decade is done, we shall move on to the next. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to vote. Patti, Dawn, Irene, Desiree, John, Audrey...and so many more of my followers and friends to name. Oh and thanks to VP81955 for mentioning the fact that another trait these men share....they both were married to Carole Lombard at one point in time. Which leads to the question, who would Carole vote for?





FlickChick said...

Never underestimate the power and popularity of William Powell. I wonder if Harlow and Lombard are sitting on the sidelines rooting for their man?

VP81955 said...

Lombard was married to both men, so who knows how she feels?

whistlingypsy said...

I would like to add my vote for one of these actors, but the gadget/widget is not loading for me.

Irene Palfy - more concerned about one single person than about a car-load of men.. said...

Get well soon - and be careful. In case of emergency I could wait for ages for the tournament. :")


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