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Monday, June 20, 2011

Be My Guest - Irene (And Then They Start To Sparkle): Question #8 - Name some of your favorite movie quotes

8. What is your favorite movie quote? Can be more than one.

There are so many - but I choose these (again in random order) :


Mr. Banks: “Winifred, where are the children?”

Mary Poppins

~ I simply adore MARY POPPINS (1964) - sometimes when I am with my sister and I haven't said anyhing for a few minutes (I tend to daydream..) she usually quotes this.. ~

 Ruth Hussey, James Stewart, Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn

Elizabeth Imbrie: "We’ve come for the body of Macauly Connor."

C.K. Dexter Haven: "I’m so glad you came. Can you use a typewriter?"

Elizabeth Imbrie: "No, thanks. I’ve got one at home."

~ Elizabeth Imbrie of THE PHILADELPHIA STORY is one of my all-time favourite characters - maybe a little bit more if she is impersonated by the amazing Ruth Hussey.. and the dialogues are great in this play..~


Miriam Aarons: "Well he could crack a coconut with those knees! - If he could get them together!"

~ Got to mention THE WOMEN (1939)! It’s full of awesome (and invidious) quotes - and amazing actresses. ~


Susan Applegate (asked to speak Swedish): "I vant to be alone."

,The Major and the Minor

~ Hilarious! I like such film spoofs.. In case you do not know: It’s from THE MAJOR AND THE MINOR (1942)~


Finally - these two people of CASABLANCA (1942) breake my heart - I am quite sentimental..:


Mr. Leuchtag: "Liebchen - sweetnessheart, what watch?"

Mrs. Leuchtag: "Ten watch."

Mr. Leuchtag: "Such watch?"

Carl: "Hm. You will get along beautiful in America, mm-hmm."


Patti said...

There are so many beautiful/classic lines from Casablanca.

I love The Major and the Minor...that is a cute line from that film.

I have never seen The Women. Hard to believe...but true.

Thanks for sharing, Irene.

Irene Palfy said...

You're welcome, Patti!

And I think you might like THE WOMEN. ;")

Desiree said...

Love these quotes!! :D

I love Miriam Aarons and Liz Imbrie, too. Liz is great. She's so sarcastic and funny!

Dawn said...

Those are some great quotes!! The film, THE WOMEN, has my vote for great quotes...


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