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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Darkhorse Robert Montgomery and Gary Cooper are trading shots in one heck of a match during Round Two of the 40's Bracket...

Round Two of the Classic Movie actor tournament is winding down with less than 14 hours left today and three of the four matches are pretty much over. Top seed Cary Grant is rolling once again, as he is crushing 9th seed Joel McCrea 25-7. 2nd seed Humphrey Bogart is all over 7th seed Henry Fonda 26-5. And 3rd seed Jimmy Stewart has a comfortable margin over 6th seed Gregory Peck 22-11. But the most competitive match is going on between 5th seed Gary Cooper and darkhorse Robert Montgomery, who is seeded 13th. They are tied at 16 apiece. You may remember Montgomery pulled off a huge upset of Spencer Tracy in the first round and looks to continue his Cinderella run deep into the tournament. So if you haven't already voted please stop by and choose your favorite.


Patti said...

My heart is breaking that my #2 guy isn't walking away with this :(

But I guess that's okay...if he's not too popular, that means I can have him all to myself!!

Rachel said...

Well, no race is complete without one darkhorse.

Desiree said...

I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that Gary won, but I am rather sad that Bob didn't make it :(


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