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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Send Me No Flowers is my favorite Doris Day movie...

Send Me No Flowers (1964)

Don't exactly know why, but Send Me No Flowers is my favorite Doris Day film. Granted there are a lot of Doris films that I haven't seen, but still Flowers is the one I loved the most so far. That may change in time, but right now it's all about the flowers. I mean she gave more talented performances in other movies, especially her musicals, but I just love Flowers. Let me tell you why I love this movie. This was the third pairing between Doris and Rock Hudson. And Tony Randall returns as well. By now this trio could play these roles in their sleep. And I thought they all hit their comic notes perfectly this time around. Doris was especially good at making the perfect facial expressions and her timing with Rock was never better. Their previous pairings had the two as opposites before they finally fell in love. Well here in Flowers, they are a happily married couple with Rock hysterically funny as a hypochondriac. Tony Randall is a hoot as their next door neighbor who winds up going on a bender that has to be one of the best on-screen drunk performances this side of Dean Martin. This film reminded me of those glorious screwball comedies with Cary Grant, Irene Dunne, Jean Arthur, William Powell and others. It is funny and lets everyone get their moments. Paul Lynde has a part as a funeral undertaker that loves his job a little too much. Clint Walker, usually a stoic tough guy in films like The Dirty Dozen gets to relax a little and have some fun. And Edward Andrews is amazingly funny as Rock's befuddled doctor. I know most fans rank Pillow Talk as their favorite of the Day/Hudson pairings, but I always go with Flowers. It captures the period of the 60's perfectly and the actors seems like they are having a ball. I wished Day, Hudson, and Randall made a few more films together. They made that rare comedy trio that were actually very funny. Also loved the title song performed by Ms. Day, naturally of course.

Send Me No Flowers (1964)


Patti said...

Yes, Pillow Talk is my favorite Doris/Rock flick, but Flowers is a close second. It's hilarious!! I have a family member who is a hypochondriac, so she and I really get a chuckle out of this one. (She readily admits that she's always in "terminal illness" mode...a headache is always a brain tumor, a black and blue mark is always leukemia, a stomach ache is always stomach get the picture.)

Tony Randall is hilarious. The scene where he and Rock have to share the bed is SO funny. "Don't you clip your toenails?"

Oh, and Paul Lynde is a SCREAM. I remember him almost always being the center square on Hollywood Squares back in the 70's.

Renata said...

I think I've just seen one or two Doris Day movies, the 60s is not my favorite decade but I'll try to see this one if you say it's good :)

Irene Palfy said...

I like SEND ME NO FLOWERS better than PILLOW TALK, too. I think it is because of Randall and Lynde..

Audrey said...

This is the only one of the Doris/Rock movies I haven't seen. I'd always heard lukewarm reviews, so your recommendation has me eager to check it out. I always think Tony Randall is so funny, and the part about Hudson's character being a hypochondriac has me even more interested. (I'm sort of one myself!)

Oh, I really love the new header image of Cary out-chasing that biplane. Classic!

Desiree said...

This is so funny that you posted this... yesterday, I was looking at my Rock Hudson & Doris Day collection and wondering which one I should watch. I picked Lover Come Back, but I almost picked Send Me No Flowers. I think Pillow Talk will forever stay my favorite Doris Day movie. Do you like Please Don't Eat the Daisies with David Niven? That movie is great!


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