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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Be My Guest - Irene (And Then They Start To Sparkle): Question #6 - Name some of your favorite modern stars

6. Name a few of your favorite modern movie actors/actresses.

Helena Bonham Carter

Helena Bonham-Carter

Kate Winslet

Sally Hawkins

Jemima Roper

Winona Ryder
Rhys Ifans

Rhys Ifans

Johnny Depp

Richard E. Grant

Crispin Glover

Alan Rickman

See - I was pretty modest. :")


Dawn said...

Irene, I' m also a Kate Winslet and Johnny Depp fan.

CharmedLassie said...

Some excellent female choices there (I'm always more interested in them) - Sally Hawkins and Jemima Roper in particular!

Desiree said...

Kate Winslet & Johnny Depp are a couple of the best ones out there! I also love them.

Irene Palfy said...

Blimey! That Rhys Ifans pic!! *hold breath* And Helena Bonham-Carter - as gorgeous as ever!! whew.. gotta breath..



Dawn: That's great! They are amazing, aren't they?

CharmedLassie: Thank you! I fell for Jemima as George of THE FAMOUS FIVE as a child - and who could resist a lesbian ghost? (I simply LOVE HEX!) - well, she is fantastic.. - and Sally Hawkins is just fab! I adore everything I ever saw of her!

Desiree: Yay! That's great!


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