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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I thought I might catch a breather in May but things are steadily popping up even as I write. The Classic Movie Goddess will be Lee Remick. A talented actress and one of my favorites. Starting next month I will also be doing a classic movie actor spotlight and John Wayne has the honor of being the first actor represented. Makes sense since his birthday happens to fall in May. My guest for the month will be Audrey of Fedoras and High Heels. Can't wait to hear her answers. My classic movie line-up of films that I will be watching and reviewing will tie in with several Remick and Wayne films among others. Leading the way will be Experiment in Terror (1962) starring Lee and Glenn Ford; Anatomy of A Murder (1959) with Jimmy Stewart and Lee; The Wheeler Dealers (1963) with Lee and James Garner; and Loot (1973) with Lee one more time. Other films to be viewed include Two Mules For Sister Sara, Red River, The Pleasure Seekers, Sex and the Single Girl, The Seven Year Itch, After The Thin Man, Rome Adventure, The Wild Bunch and Cash McCall. You will notice a lot of 60's movies amid that group as I gear up for my July homage to that great decade of yesteryear. Oh and May 30th will kick off my much anticipated Classic Movie Actor Tournament, which has had buzz building ever since the women's concluded a few weeks ago. So another busy month here on All Good Things, which is the way I like it.


Patti said...

I am going to be on vacation when the actors' tourney starts, and since my #2 guy Gary Cooper will undoubtedly be part of your 30's bracket, I will definitely have to be using my father-in-law's computer so that I can get in the voting for that bracket.

By the way, Coop is also a May birthday boy...coming up on #110.

Irene Palfy said...

Well, Monty, it's the way we like it, too. ;")

Tom said...

Monty, I can't wait for the men's tourney. I know who I'm going to be rooting for all the way - his first initial is J and last name starts with S.


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