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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Interview with Irene Dunne (fantasy)

Here is a fun little interview I wrote imaging what Irene Dunne would have said after winning the Favorite Classic Movie Actress title on my blog, All Good Things. Here we go.

Me: Irene, nice to have to you come by my blog for this little interview.

Irene: Glad to be here Monty. I recently started following your blog a few months ago and I love it.

Me: What do you love most about it Irene?

Irene: Oh just about everything. Your monthly classic movie goddess feature...your Happy Birthdays, oh and I love it when you sit down to talk with fellow bloggers to talk about their favorites.

Me: Now Irene, what was your reaction after you won favorite classic movie actress here on my blog?

Irene: I was totally flabbergasted Monty. I mean I'm honored to win but I really didn't think I would get past the 30's era bracket. That was some tough competition in that era..Clara, Barbara, Claudette and Carole...all tough opponents.

Me: Yeah, your battle with Carole was the highpoint of this tournament. I have to be honest with you Carole is my favorite actress of all time and I was pulling for her. But you're my second favorite.

Irene: Why thank you Monty and Carole is such a great woman and amazing talent, I see no fault with her.

Me: Your match did have that little snafu with the voting being suspect and I had to restart it, but you won fair and square.

Irene: Oh I didn't realize that happened. Well I'm glad it worked out.
Me: Me, there you are in the final four with Grace Kelly, Vivien Leigh and Natalie Wood. And you have to battle Grace. What was that like?

Irene: Oh my god..going up against Grace was interesting. I mean she's a princess for crying out loud. And here I am, this little ol girl from Louisville, Kentucky. It was truly a great experience.

Me: And then came the final match against Vivien Leigh...what was that like?

Irene: Are you kidding me? Me and Scarlett O'Hara? That's something out of a fairytale. I have so much respect for Vivien and it was an honor to be in the final match with her.

Me: Well, Irene you have a passionate fan base as well. Just ask my friends Renata, Desiree, and Janine. They adore you.

Irene: Tell those girls I love them as well. And thanks to all my fans who voted for me. I truly appreciate it.

Me: Are you game for next year? Want to defend your title?

Irene: Oh Monty...I don't think I can go through this again. Whew! Once was enough! HAHAHA!

Me: Irene, you're the best. Thank you for stopping by. See ya soon.

Irene: Thank you Monty. Keep up the great work.


Desiree said...

Hahahaha that was awesome....

Thanks Irene!!!! :O I love you too!!!! :P Next time I'm going to have to snag an interview with Irene.

FlickChick said...

Oh, Monty - why didn't you ask her what it was like to kiss Cary Grant??? You had her and you let her go without finding out! A great idea for a post.

Renata said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Irene LOVES MEEEEEEEE!! I love you, Irene :'( well, you must have noticed that already :O haha.

This is fun, Monty. I totally saw Irene answering your questions haha =) and I am sure she would have said those nice things about Carole =)

Patti said...

I "liked" this on your Facebook page, but I thought I would comment here.

What a cute interview this was, Monty. I could almost imagine Irene saying those things. I'm sure she was quite humbled to have won this contest...probably didn't realize how popular she was.

And I'm with Flick Chick...wonder what she thought of kissing Cary Grant?

Irene Palfy said...

Love that!! :") I am totally with Irene D.: Keep up the great work!

I'd love to read more interviews like this one!! ;")

Dawn said...

Monty, What a fun interview! You have a wonderful imagination.


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